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    With the use of Moodmixer software we will help you as in-store media providers, to offer your customers the best possible service and to earn more money and save labor.


    If you come as an in-store media provider to us, You might want to solve one or more problems: Too many customers to manage, too many programs, too high processing costs. Or you want to plan for the future? Together we will develop a technical solution, that at best eliminates your problems and prepares you for the future with even more customers.


    We offer a modern and innovative software system for playlist automation , adaptable to different needs. Based on web technology, the system offers the reliability of offline software. You get the best of both worlds: Fully automated playlist planning (realtime), self-directed distribution of content (Pull) as well as auto maintenance, Remote control and a set of monitoring options.


    Not only our own technology will be used: We help you with your rollout, which includes the complete system including hardware components. We are completely vendor independent and will only advise you on additional technology.

    Our Skills

    The work process




    Setting up a test environment

    Technical implementation or testing process, for potential new customers

    chain stores from


    per location and channel , localization, internationalization , Advertising planning

    The more branches, the lower the Store price

    PC-based solution or Internet radio

    Training a music administrator or full service

    Some locations from


    For individual locations such as hotels , Restaurants or bars

    multichannel – investment

    fully customizable

    just technology or full service- You can decide

    Our applications

    The team

    We are here for you

    Peter-Wolfgang Fischer

    CTO, Head programmer, Thinkers and musicians

    Kerstin Laveatz

    CEO, client management, technical implementation, support

    With the exception of core competencies , there is not much difference in our team . We are happy to proactively be part of your company development . We take the time to examine the business objectives of your customers and to meet with you the right decisions.

    Customers and partners

    We had and have the pleasure, to be able to work
    with great companies




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    Available to the users of our website in this privacy policy all the necessary information on, as, to what extent and for what purpose we collect or third-party information from you and use them. The collection and use of your data is strictly in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). We feel the confidentiality of your personal information very committed and therefore work strictly within the limits, which set the legal requirements us. The collection of this personal data is voluntary, if we this is possible. We also disclose this information without your express consent to third parties. We care for particularly sensitive data, such as payment transactions or with regard to your inquiries to us by using SSL encryption for high security. but we do not want to fail at this point, to refer to the general hazards of Internet use, to which we have no control. Particularly in e-mail traffic data without further precautions are not safe and can be acquired by third parties may.

    information desk, deletion, blocking

    Anytime you get free information about the data stored by us personal information about you as well as the origin, the receiver and the purpose of data collection and data processing. You also have the right, rectification, to require the suspension or cancellation of the data. Exception of data, which are kept by law or required for proper business management. In order for a data lock at any time can be realized, be retained data for monitoring purposes in a locked file. If data is not covered by a legal archiving obligation, We will delete your data at your request. Attacks the archiving duty, we block your data. For all questions and concerns Correction, Blocking or deletion of personal data, please contact our Privacy Officer at the contact or in this Privacy Policy. to the address given in the imprint.

    Providing paid services

    If you use the services offered on our website paid benefits and services will, we need for billing purposes and may collect further information from you for security reasons. Regularly this is about your name, a valid e-mail address and possibly your address and your telephone number as well as the case for more information. It may also go to content, that allow us to review the data presented, such as your ownership with respect to the specified e-mail address. We need to ensure legal reasons, that you actually want to receive the services offered, and we can provide you with the power properly charged. We work in payments to secure your data with the encryption standard SSL, recognizable by the browser line “https://”.

    Collection of access data

    The delivery and display of the content on our website requires technically the collection of certain data. By accessing our website, these so-called server log files are recorded by us or the provider of web space. These log files do not allow conclusions about you and your person.

    The corresponding information consists of the name of the website, the file, the current date, the amount of data, the web browsers and its version, the operating system used, the domain name of your Internet provider, the referrer URL as that side, from which you have switched to our side, and the corresponding IP address.

    We use this data for presentation and delivery of our content and for statistical purposes. The information supports the deployment and continuous improvement of our offer. We also reserve the right, to examine the data mentioned later, the suspected illegal use of our services should be.

    server log files

    In the server log files is anonymous data, which are recorded in accessing our website. This information will enable any conclusions about you personally, but are essential for technical reasons for delivery and our content. Furthermore, they serve our statistics and continuously optimizing our content. Typical log files are the date and time of access, the amount of data, the browser and used to access his version, the operating system used, the domain name of your nominated Providers, the page, from which you came to our offer (Referrer-URL) and your IP address. Log files also allow a thorough examination of suspected illegal use of our website.

    SSL encryption

    Our website uses SSL encryption, when it comes to the transmission of confidential or personal content our users. This encryption is activated for example in the processing of payments and for inquiries, that you provide to us via our website. Please make sure, that SSL encryption is activated when such activities on your part. The use of encryption is easy to see: The display in your browser line changes from “http://”To” https://“. About SSL encrypted data by third parties are readable. Submit your confidential information only with activated SSL encryption and contact us in doubt.

    Google AdWords

    We use our site with Google AdWords online advertising program by Google, Inc. This also conversion tracking is used. With this tool, Google AdWords sets a cookie on your PC, if you come across a Google ad on our website. The cookie has to 30 Days is no longer valid. There is no personal traceability. Visit operates as a user of our website and the cookie yet, becomes evident to us together with Google, that you clicked the ad and were directed to our site. Here, each Google AdWords customer is assigned a different cookie. Cookies are not on the websites of advertisers traceable.
    With the information obtained from conversion cookie data conversion statistics for advertisers to be created. we as customers experience the total number of users, who responded to our ad and then passed to a Web page, which was provided with a conversion tracking tag. We get in the process any information, with which we could personally identify you as a user.
    If you reject the tracking methods, can the cookie Google’s conversion tracking on your Internet browser to disable. If necessary, use the Help function of your browser for more information. For information about the privacy policies of Google learn at http://www.google.de/policies/privacy/.

    Using Google Analytics

    We use our website to web analytics service Google Analytics from Google Inc.. This uses cookies. These are text files, which allow an analysis of your user behavior in relation to our website by storing on your PC. The cookies generate information, which are transmitted to a Google server. These servers are usually in the US, but follow agreement on use of the European Economic Area and shorten your IP address before transmission to the United States. Only in exceptional cases, the IP address will be shortened only after submission to the US. Google evaluates the information provided and will provide in this context other services on our website operator. The acquired IP address will not be merged with other Google services.
    About changing your browser settings to prevent the storage of cookies on your computer. But so can Presentation- be connected and functional limitations in the use of our website.
    A browser plug-in also prevents the collection and use of data generated by the cookie. You can download it at the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl = de
    Learn more about the privacy policy of Google and Google Analytics at: http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/de.html or https://www.google.de/intl/de/policies/.

    Google Maps Plugin

    We put on our website a plugin of the Internet service Google Maps. Operators of Google Maps is Google Inc., based in the US, THAT 94043, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View.
    By using Google Maps on our website, Information on the use of this website and your IP address to a Google server in the US are transmitted and stored on this server. We are not aware of the exact content of the data, nor their use by Google. The company denies this context, the connection of the data with information from other Google services, and the collection of personal data. However, Google can provide the information to third parties.
    If you disable Javascript in your browser, prevent the execution of Google Maps. You can then use but no map display on our website.
    By using our Website you consent to the described collection and processing of information by Google Inc..
    For information about the privacy policy and terms of use for Google Maps can be found here: https://www.google.com/intl/de_de/help/terms_maps.html.

    This Privacy Policy was created by www.datenschutzexperte.de


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