Especially here it is important to keep your guests in a good mood.

You will probably need several different programs to distribute acrtoss the premises or in room TV

We will help you set up multi-channel systems or produce different internal internet radio channels that can be accessed from everywhere. If internet connection isn’t sufficient you might rather want to work with MiniPc systems that can be controlled from a central office. And possibly you want to have announcements running? This is all comfortably possible.

Moodmixer can be set up flexibly to match your needs.[:from]Especially in these plants background music is to keep an important medium to the guests in a good mood

You probably need different programs for different parts of the system and want to control it conveniently.

We help to set up multi-channel systems, or perhaps producing several local internet radio channels, which you can then retrieve them from anywhere on the site. You might also need small MiniPCs with one program because the places do not allow centralized control? Should perhaps point out also announcements at certain times at events? No problem:

Moodmixer can'm used flexibly and with the eigebauten Werbeplanung you meet all requirements

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